An open letter to the president or discontent of Artsakh people with KT will grow into a movement

Complaints about the quality of communication are not new for Artsakh people. This question was repeatedly raised by different people, but still the solution of the problem cannot be considered satisfying, which served as the basis for creating an initiative group of relevant specialists to facilitate and speed up the solution of the problem and it is not surprising that the editoring of has joined the group.

The group, as its main goal, declares support for creating such situation in Artsakh, in which Artsakh will have the best operator in the world – ALO (Աշխարհի Լավագույն Օպերատոր). The group has already taken its first steps, in particular, it sent a letter to the President of the Republic of Artsakh Bako Sahakyan. In order for the letter to receive open status, the group decided to publish a copy of this statement on the informational site

The group has created a separate Facebook page and invites supporters to join them. ALO can be easily found by typing @aloArtsakh in the search box on Facebook.

Письмо президенту Республики Арцах

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