Persecution pursued against Karabakh (Artsakh) independent media. Targeting at

Editor-in-chief of the news website, Marat Yeganyan

A large-scale war is going on against the news website. The fact that Artsakh created special conditions against the existence of independent media has been felt every second recently. Indeed, the Artsakh culture excluded even the idea that some media could be independent. In other words, media in Artsakh can either be state or “attached” to political forces. That’s why the fans of oligarchic system, that is rotten from top to bottom and acting by “approvals” have been hostile to news site penetration into the media field. To what extent the system was hostile, for example, to the editor-in-chief of the news website, Marat Yeganyan, who is a senior lecturer at Mesrop Mashtots University, can be viewed in the following video:



Obviously this system could not tolerate for a long time either free mind or free speech. So, all what was expected has happened.The chief editor of the news website and his family have been persecuted for the implementation of the press, because this oligarchic system was not capable of anything else.

On May 11, Stepanakert University of Mesrop Mashtots, hosted a meeting with representatives from Russia, Modest Alexeevich Kolerov editor-in-chief of REGNUM news agency and political scientist Stanislav Nikolayevich Tarasov together with the students of Mesrop Mashtots University. It should be mentioned here that both Russian guests conducted Russian (Kremlin) propaganda. The rector of the University Donara Gabrielyan, the organizer of the meeting Gharib Babayan and the media also attended the meeting. At that meeting, Donara Gabrielyan made a political statement.

Here we offer you to pay special attention to the fact that the event was not closed, and, as mentioned earlier, the media attended the event too. In response to many of those who claimed that the meeting was closed and was not a subject to coverage we present a photo of the meeting where the work of and Azat Artsakh media representatives is being shown. and Azat Artsakh media representatives' work and Azat Artsakh media representatives’ work


All that was done by was simply a conscientious job by means of press. That is, there was an open event where a political statement took place. And it is logical that the material should be presented to the public as possible. However, as it has already been mentioned, after receiving public criticisms expanded on the page of Vahagn Avagyan the spokesman of Sasna Tsrer political party, Donara Gabrielyan responded with clear threats to the editor-in-chief of news website, senior lecturer of the Mesrop Mashtots University Marat Yeganyan.


Obvious threats from Donara Gabrielyan

Obvious threats from Donara Gabrielyan


Both Donara Gabrielyan’s relatives and flattering her people started spreading lies that the event was closed. And then, after making sure that such a hypothesis was absurd, changed their “accusation” in putting forward the view that the video was edited and Donara Gabrielyan did not really voiced this opinion. The matter is in statement made by Donara Gabrielyan in support of Robert Kocharyan in Stepanakert.



In conclusion, Donara Gabrielyan, who was threatening, immediately began to implement the threats, both in relation to Marat Yeganyan, and to members of his family. After that the threat was not only voiced, but also realized exactly by the clan system representative, the whole law enforcement system of Artsakh (prosecutors, police, HRD and other state controlling bodies) was “blind and deaf”.

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